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Here is the chance to design your very own lace wig, tailored especially for you. Our custom wigs are made to the highest standards using the finest materials on the market. Our consultants take pride in ensuring the right wig is designed for you. It is amazing what can be achieved with a lace wig. Customisng your wig means you have control over:

  • The amount of hair in the wig
  • Baby hairs
  • Widow’s peaks or side burns
  • Hairline
  • Bleached knots
  • Highlights
  • Type of curls and waves
  • The cap construction


A deposit is required to put your wig into production. Lead times are 3 to 4  weeks but it is worth the wait especially if you have spent a fortune on buying unsatisfactory wigs in the past. Ladies Love Lace love designing wigs, have expert knowledge of their creation and are thus able to create the perfect one for you. Call or e-mail us today to book your consultation.

Kinky curl full lace wigs Indian remy hair
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5/ 5 stars
Wonderful product, excellent customer service, fast delivery
Date Added:4/5/2016 2:41:31 AM
5/ 5 stars
Honestly, I won't buy a wig anywhere else. The wig is amazing! I bleached it 2 times and it's still BEAUTIFUL! no shedding! it still curls beautifully and minimum tangling! Thank you for my amazing wig!
Date Added:10/21/2014 5:21:50 PM
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