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  • Medium length hair is an excellent compromise between a short haircut and long tresses. In men’s opinion, medium or long hair is more appealing and sexy than short locks. With a medium length, your hairstyle won’t take much of your precious time, and you are still going to have freedom to experiment with trendy updos and downdos. So, have a look and pick what you like the most!

    1)Light Messy Waves For Black Hair

    Keke Palmer loves to experiment with the way she looks. She changes hair colors and lengths, trying on new hairstyles along the way. This image features the lovely shoulder-skimming waves, curled away from the face and styled messily. The off-centered parting and a light root lift produce a cool face-slimming effect.

    straight medium hairstyle for black hair


    Cool Edgy Hairstyle For A Shoulder-Length Layered Haircut

    Owing to the layered haircut, Martina McBride’s thick straight tresses look light and lively. She is rocking a simple hairstyle that suggests minimal styling time and looks great. Use a root boost volumizer and wax for extra definition of the tips.

    medium-length layered haircut


    Black Layered Lob

    Zoe Saldana’s chichi haircut is special with its long layers that start at her chin. As a result, the texture and volume of Zoe’s tresses are revealed from mid-shaft to ends. With this haircut, you can embrace many beautiful daytime and evening hairstyles, but remember to apply quality care products for relaxed black hair.

    long bob haircut for black hair


    A-Line Layered Haircut With Elongated Bangs

    The layered haircut of Katie Holmes features a lovely A-line silhouette, textured ends and elongated bangs. With such a cut, you will always look young, fresh and present-day, regardless of your age. Use your favorite shine enhancer and be ready to dazzle!

    medium layered haircut





  • Hair extensions are a great option for women who want to increase the length of their hair. Whether you are simply bored with having short hair or if you want to hide a bad haircut, extensions can be a life saver. With proper care and maintenance, certain types of hair extensions can last for years. The good news is that the way you care for them is not very different from the way you care for your own hair. Here are some tips on keeping human hair extensions looking fabulous.

    Be Gentle When Caring for Hair Extensions
    Some women tend to be rough when caring for their own hair. It’s important to be extremely gentle when caring for hair extensions. Brushing or styling the extensions too roughly can cause the hair to fall out. Being too rough with clip-in extensions may cause the clip to become exposed.

    Prevent Hair Damage due to Heat-Styling Tools
    Nothing looks worse than frizz and breakage, which are both common problems among women who use curling irons or flat irons to curl or straighten their hair. Consider limiting how often you use a blow dryer, flat iron, or curling iron on your hair extensions. A heat protectant spray should also be used on hair extensions to reduce the risk of heat damage.

    Use Moisturizing Shampoos and Conditioners on Extensions
    Since human hair extensions are prone to heat damage, it is ideal to use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners whenever possible. Consider asking your hair stylist to recommend a line of products that will be suitable for your extensions. Doing a deep conditioning masque once every one to two weeks is also ideal for keeping the hair hydrated.

    Avoid Washing Hair Extensions Too Often
    Most beauty experts recommend that you only wash human hair extensions three
    times a week. Unless you smoke cigarettes or sweat a lot, washing the extensions any more than this is not necessary. It is especially important to avoid washing the hair too frequently if you do not use deep moisturizing products, as other shampoos and conditioners can dry out the extensions.

    The most important thing to keep in mind is that since human hair extensions are made from authentic human hair, it is best to care for them as you would your own hair. The main difference is that you should be more gentle when caring for extensions.

  •  TIPS - Choosing Good Hair and the Factors to Consider

    3A Grade Hair vs. 4A Grade Hair/ Remy vs. Remi

    1. Tangling = Remi vs Remy - Always choose Remy with a Y.  Remy with a Y means that all the cuticles are intact, running in the same direction as it would growing out of the scalp naturally.   It comes from a single donor and runs $90-$250 per pack/bundle starting.  Remy should not tangle or mat if the hair is a good grade. Remi with an I is a brand of low quality hair.  It is readily available at most beauty supply stores.  In general it has been colored (#1, #2, #3 etc) or chemically treated including perming, texturing (Yaki), highlighting etc.  It runs between $40-$90 per pack.  It has already been dyed so it WILL NOT color well.


    2. Longevity = Hair Grade - Hair comes in many different grades from the lowest which is no grade (aka top quality) or A (1A) - AAAAA(5A)  The higher the grade the better the hair was cared for by the donor.  No grade,top quality or 1A is the bottom of the barrel.  It is hair that is usually very dry and brittle with split ends and uneven lengths.  The most common grade is AAA or 3A.  This is the most reasonably priced higher grade hair available.  3A hair tends to be much drier and will not last as long compared to 4A-5A. It will require more deep conditioning to keep it in good shape. AAAA (4A)-AAAAA (5A) is the best.  It is also referred to as Royalty Grade.  Most companies do not offer 4A or 5A because the of the cost.  These are my preferred grade because of the longevity and wear time. 3A hair is good hair but 4A-5A is great hair. 4A -5A hair has nice soft thicker ends. It has more moisture. 4A -5A hair has been taken better care of by the donor before it was harvested. 4A-5A is the best by far.   It will last many years with proper care.  Even abused it will last more than 6 months. There is a considerable difference between 3A and 4A-5A hair.

    3. Dyeability = Virgin vs Non Virgin - Refers to hair that is completely unprocessed, and intact.  To qualify as virgin hair, it must meet rigorous standards including: not been permed, dyed, colored, bleached, chemically processed in any way. Virgin hair is the hair you want if you are going to dye the hair.  Virgin hair is likely to have a few strands of gray or white hair since it is in its natural color and has not been dyed.  This is a natural characteristic of 100% virgin hair. It usually comes in a color range around #1b to #1 a natural dark brown to black.  NOTE:  It is possible to get Virgin Remi with I.  Virgin Remi is hair that has been swept off of the floor from a Virgin donation station and then sewn onto a weft.  Although the hair has not been colored the cuticles ARE NOT in alignment so it will tangle even though it is Virgin hair.  Buyers Beware.  Knowledge is Power!



  • water

    March 21, 2012

    It takes 35 gallons of water to make onecup of coffee. Why? All the water used to cultivate the coffee beans.Similarly, it can take about 635 gallons to make one hamburger because of allthe water required to grow feed for the cows.The need for clean fresh water isincreasing rapidly, too, as populations rise and standards of living improvearound the world. In some places -- such as central California, the North ChinaPlains, and parts of India --  the demandfor water is already outstripping the local supply.Because global waterconsumption is expected to increase by 40% over the next 20 years, watershortages may get more acute and more widespread, spurring more reliance ondesalination technologies, water reuse, and conservation. The results couldhave massive economic, ecological, and geopolitical consequences, creatinginvesting opportunities in places you may never have considered.

  • Best styles for your face shape

    When shopping for sunglasses or trying a new hairstyle, you need to consider your face shape to look your best. The lovestlacewigs have put together an assortment of sensational tips and tricks for determining your face shape and finding the best styles for you.

    Oval Face Shapes

    If you have an oval face shape, your face is slightly longer than it is wide.  Your face shape like an inverted egg -- wider at the top than the bottom.  Your jawline is slightly rounded.

    Square Face Shapes

    If you have a square face, the sides of your face are straight and your face is nearly as wide as it is long. You have a defined, square jawline, and your hairline is probably straight.

    Round Face Shapes

    If you have a round face, your jawline is round and full, and your face is nearly as wide as it is long.  Your cheekbones mark the widest part of your face.

    Heart Face Shapes

    If you have a heart-shaped face or an inverted triangle-shaped face, your face is longer than it is wide. Your jawline is long and pointed, and is the narrowest part of your face.

    Oblong Face Shapes

    If you have an oblong face shape, our face is longer than it is wide. Your forehead, cheeks and jawline are all the same width, and your jawline is probably rounded.

    Diamond Face Shapes

    If you have a diamond face shape, your face is slightly longer than it is wide., and your jawline is pointed. Your cheekbones are high-set, and are the widest part of your face.

  • Hand tied wefts should never be cut fromthe top (the track), this is a common mistake made by even experienced hairstylists. If it is cut, then you should seal it with a good glue like nail glueor fabric glue. There is no guarantee that it will not shed if it is cut. Also,one should never sew through top of the weft and it is recommended you sewaround the weft. With machine wefts, you can cut where desired. We cannotstress how important this information is, the main reason for wefts shedding isbecause the weft is not cut properly.

  • How to style your full lace wig

    Nov 9th, 2011 lovestlacewigs

    First thing to consider is the look you are trying to achieve.  The beauty of a full lace wig is that each hair is individually tied on to the lace cap, thereby allowing the hair to move in whatever direction you wish.  Whether you part your hair on the side, right or left, or pull it straight back, it is just like your own natural hair.  Each hair shaft is free to move 360 degrees.  The lace cap, which you will coordinate with your own scalp’s skin color, is so sheer that it is virtually invisible against your head.  You can feel comfortable knowing that it will not be detectable.  Also, having baby hair added all around the perimeter of the lace cap will not only add to the natural look but will also conceal the edge of the lace cap.  This is really great for when you pull your hair into an updo or ponytail, adding to your natural look.

    Human hair full lace wigs can use a lot of the same products that you use on your own hair for styling.  It should be noted that products that have no alcohol are the best to use.  Since you do not have the natural oils from your scalp to nourish the hair on the full lace wig, the hair will dry out over time, so try to avoid over using them and always be sure to wash and rinse very thoroughly.  You can set your hair with rollers using a setting gel and let it dry overnight.  It is easiest to put the wig on a wig stand so you can move about freely to do your curling.  If you are using a curling iron, be sure to keep it at a very low heat setting as high or prolonged heat will damage the hair.  If you are straightening your hair it is best to do it in small sections at a time.

    It is a always possible, after you receive your new full lace wig, to have a hair stylist cut or trim the hair so that it frames your face better, if you prefer.  Or, do like I do, have several full lace wigs in different styles so you can swap them out, depending on your mood.

  • How to Wash Your Full Lace Wig

    Nov 7th, 2011  lovestlacewigs
    With the proper care, a full lace wig can last a long time.  I suggest you purchase 2 wigs, so that when you wash one wig you will have another one to wear.  Generally you should wash your full lace wig about every 4 to 5 weeks.  But it is important to always wash the hair right after swimming, heavy perspiration or when dirt accumulates, as these will cause excessive tangling.

    The first thing you will need to do is remove as much of the glue residue on the cap as you can from the full lace wig.  Spray the citrus remover onto the glue and then rub the cap on a mirror so to cause friction between the mirror and the residue.  Repeat as many times until the lace is clean.

    I recommend using a detangling shampoo with room temperature water.  Mix the shampoo and luke warm water in a basin.  Too hot or too cold of water will ruin your lace cap.  Dip the wig in and out of the basin while using your fingers to detangle it.  Once the wig is clean, towel dry with gently squeezing.

    The next step is conditioning.  After towel drying the hair, apply silicon mix conditioner on the hair evenly.  Avoid using too much conditioner.  Wait for about 5 minutes for the hair to absorb the conditioner.  Then completely rinse it out with luke warm water.  Make sure the conditioner is rinsed thoroughly from the unit, because buildup at the knots can keep the knots from moving freely and the hair will start shedding.  Again, very gently towel dry.  You will want to place your wig on a wig headstand and starting at the bottom of the hair, comb through, removing any tangles, working your way up the hair to the lace cap.  Avoid extreme tugging as that will result in a loss of hair.   Only use a non static wide toothed comb.  Then let the full lace wig dry thoroughly.  Do not blow dry the hair.

    After the wig is dry, seal your knots by turning the lace cap inside out and lightly spray a knot sealer and let it dry.  Also, use a fray block around the entire circumference of the lace cap.  Simply put a little fray block on a q-tip to apply, for the easiest method, and allow that to dry completely.  Then you are ready to go!

  • Full lace wig: Choosing the Best Lace Color for You.

    Nov 3rd, 2011

    What is a full lace wig? A full lace wig is a hair wig that is made with entire lace as its lace base. Each strand of hair is expertly hand tied to the lace base. This makes the hair give an illusion like its coming from the scalp. In most cases, full lace wigs are made from remy hair that is well aligned on the lace base and whereas the cuticle is still intact. This helps the hair move in a natural and realistic away. With a full lace wig, you will be able to put up your hair in a pony tail and also part it anywhere and in any direction. This is perhaps the no 1. reason why celebrities love to wear full lace wigs in the various movie roles they play.

    For your lace front wig to look realistic, it is absolutely important that the lace color is close to your complexion as much as possible. This is important so that the lace looks like your scalp so that the hair gives an illusion as though it is coming from your own scalp. Choosing the right lace color is easy with the following pointers.

    • When you are choosing your lace front wig, be sure to talk to your hair specialist about your complexion. If it is over the phone, you can give your lace front wigs specialist a celebrity that is closest to your complexion. This will help them narrow down the range of lace colors available to the one that will look the most realistic on you.
    • Consider the time of the year and how easily your skin color changes. If you regularly visit the tanning salon or tan easily in the summer, consider getting a different lace color for the warmer season of the year.
    • Are you going to be using make up? Before ordering your lace front wig consider the skin tone of your make up. Does it make you darker or lighter? It is important that you choose appropriately. Do not be afraid to put a little make up on the lace to make it even blend more with your hair line.

  • How to accomplish your own wig

    Nov 2nd ,2011

    lovestlacewigs  learn from lace wigs BLOG

    Most humans are afraid to apperceive how simple it is to accomplish your own wig. Making your own wig offers abounding allowances including custom fit, specific appearance tweaks all your own, and a added adequate and bigger superior wig. If you accomplish your own wig, you accept the color, appearance and adequateness of the wig, as well. This ensures that you are accepting a wig that is altogether ill-fitted to you. Finally, if you accomplish your own wig, you are in fact extenuative money, added generally than not, because wigs can alpha at $25 and go up to the thousands. So whether you are searching for a fun apparel wig for your next masquerade affair or ambition to try a new hairstyle in a non-committal fashion, apprentice how to accomplish your own wig and airing abroad happy.

    Here are the basal accomplish for how to accomplish your own wig:
    Plan it out and buy your food (see food account below). Apperceive what appearance you are traveling for and again buy accordingly. If you ambition a best or fuller wig, you are traveling to charge to get added hair than you will for a beneath style. Aswell adjudge if you would rather cement or sew the wefts into the cap. Both methods work, it is just a amount of preference.
    You can either sew in the apart hairs (for a added astute and superior look) or cement wefts to the cap (for a faster and easier adjustment that aswell looks good).
    Place cap on your arch for sizing. Cut off about bisected the added applique (cutting too abundant off will accomplish the net too bound and afflictive to wear). Sew the aperture bankrupt deeply and abode assimilate your alive head. (Note: some caps are fabricated to fit and this footfall is unnecessary.)

    Use pins to defended the cap to the Styrofoam head.

    Start from the nape of the close and plan about with the needle/glue and up with the wefts. You can and should tack down the ends to ensure that the character is straight.

    Cut the character already you've accomplished the end of your row and echo for all after rows.

    End off anniversary row hardly overlapping the antecedent row, admitting not in fact on top of the row, rather account a drop.

    If application glue, let the hair dry for several hours (3-4 minimum).

    Add embellishments as necessary. Cut, appearance and blush it as you wish.

    NOTE: If application constructed hair, do not use heating elements, as this will ruin the hair.

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